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Online Training Amidst Circuit Breaker

April 30, 2020 | Sabrina Lim

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Mr. Robert Soo is a well-known AV consultant and trainer in professional AV systems and acoustics. He has worked with numerous commercial, entertainment, educational institutions and houses of worship in Singapore and abroad for more than 25 years. In 2018, Robert collaborated with PAVE and hosted a seminar “LIVE on Digital” talking on the topic of AV-Over-IP(AVoIP).

Now, amidst the circuit breaker period in Singapore due to the Covid-19 outbreak which has sent most trades and industries in a flurry to work from home, PAVE has also adopted the work from home model and taken the window of opportunity for our staffs to upgrade their knowledge and skillsets. PAVE had the honour to invite Robert to join us in our first in-house virtual training with over 50

sales & engineering staffs participating from their own residence. Robert provided a 3-hour training session on the topic of Loudspeaker System Design and shared with us not only the knowledge but also his experiences which helped the trainees better relate the topics to scenario.

PAVE’s engineers put on their thinking caps when Robert asked them to consider the “MUST ACHIEVE” goals of a loudspeaker system design. “Whatever we propose, it must be better than the previous system.” said Robert. Robert highlighted client’s expectations and venue attributes when it comes to designing a loudspeaker system for a space. “It is always good to understand the performance expectation from the client. If we do not know, ASK is the key word.” said Robert.

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