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FOH at Redemption Hill Church


The portable Roland electric drum kit

Upwardly Mobile

Practice makes perfect at RHC in Singapore, where the production team
has got their service set up down to a fine art.
Richard Lawn pays a visit

Christ was crucified, the name
Redemption Hill Church (RHC)
has since been adopted by many
churches around the world.
Redemption Hill Church in Singapore
is located on the fifth level of the
Furama City Centre Hotel, although
during weekdays you’re more likely
to encounter a corporate event
or private function as the 580m2
ballroom is a hired venue. With a
scarcity of land available to build a
permanent home in the Lion State,
lead pastor Simon Murphy and the
other church elders decided to take
up residence within the hotel for the
next season.
Founded in 2008, the church
is becoming resigned to the fact
that finding a permanent home in
Singapore may take many years.
‘The church approached me in
2014 to help them with their AV
as they were looking for their own
premises back then,’ commented
HOW AV consultant, Robert Soo.
‘Over the four ensuing years, they
found nothing in terms of cost and
sustainability. When they announced
that they would hold their services in
a hotel ballroom for the immediate


An L-Acoustics Arcs Wide and Arcs Focus speaker system is best suited
for the low 3.8m ceiling

future, I was surprised as it leads to
complications in terms of who pays
for what.’
Despite the word of caution issued
by Soo, the hotel and the church are
working in unison together. Built in
1982, the pillarless ballroom was
equipped with a dating speaker
system built into its low 3.8m ceiling.
‘I proposed that the church should
try and co-own an audio system for
their musical services as this would
also benefit the hotel and appeal to
clientele wanting to host live music.

The Furama City Centre Hotel was
open to this suggestion and, as
such, we approached a number of
loudspeaker vendors to demonstrate
their systems in this challenging
Ultimately, an L-Acoustics Arcs
loudspeaker system proved to be
best for the venue as well as their
style of music. ‘Systems integrator
PAVE fully understood the nature of
the room and their Arcs Wide and
Arcs Focus configuration provided
the best in terms of even coverage,

intelligibility, musical quality and
power handling,’ furthers Soo.
Given the layout of the 500-capacity
ballroom, aesthetics and operational
requirements were considerations
that had to be factored in. ‘Owing
to the low ceiling and wide layout of
the room, the close proximity of the
congregation to the stage, plus the
need to divide the ballroom into two
operationally independent spaces
(operable wall in the middle), the
loudspeaker configuration consists
of four very carefully positioned and
angled loudspeaker clusters that
provide very even sound coverage
and high gain before feedback.’
The successful design consists
of one Focus and one Wide cabinet
suspended horizontally together with
a single 18-inch SB18 subwoofer
behind them on the same WiFoLift
rigging element for low-frequency
extension down to 32Hz. Operating
within a 55Hz to 20kHz frequency
range, the identical physical
footprints of the Focus and Wide
cabinets allow them to be arrayed
together. They differ in the fact that
the Wide cabinet offers 30° x 90°
(HxV) coverage, while the Focus
makes it more suitable on top with

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