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Personal Monitor Mixxer & 16 (digital) + 2 analog 24 Bit multi track audio recorder (SDHC Card) 2 Mic/Line Input & 2 Line output for personal practicing & recording.

Musician Love them because you can play, practice & record at the same time. Can be use for home and outdoor. Easy setup. large LCD display, musicians can adjust level, tone, pan and add stereo effects for a 3D sound image. The recording function allows for play along, play back or one touch recording


$1,358.00 Regular Price
$850.00Sale Price
  • Networked personal mixer & multi-track recorder
  • 2 Mic/Line network inputs with phantom power, 2 Line level

outputs, 1/4" headphone output

  • Records up to 16+2 tracks of 24-bit / 48kHz audio to optional SDHC cards, Mic stand adapter and psu included.

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