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All in one product

Hey there, want to bring flexibility to your presentation?
ARTOME M10 allows you to do so.
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Artome M10

The Game Changer

Artome M10 combines Nordic design and technology in a way you’ve never
seen before. It is a fully movable piece of smart furniture with a built-in laser
projector, an embedded sound system and videoconferencing capabilities. This
all-in-one product requires no installation and can be connected to any device
with a HDMI-cable or wirelessly.
Sounds almost too good to be true, right?



  • Providing easy-to-use technology to support hybrid learning and dynamic learning environments. Enabling movable technology that can be used in any space from lobby to classroom.


  • Raising the level of audiovisual technology in a conference room to meet the modern requirements of modern office environments. Presenting customized style for unique spaces.


  • Enabling installation free and fully adaptable technology for videoconferencing, presenting and events. Offering customized design to honor the heritage of the building.


Say Bye Bye to wire hassel

  • Say bye bye to the wire chaos. Artome M10 enables plug&play video conferencing set-up with casting from a laptop or other device. It is installation free and compatible with any device or software. Thanks to our own technology innovation HybriDock™, that enables the use of (integrated) camera and microphones.

What are you waiting for?
Get your hands on the all in one Artome M10 today.
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