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Published by PAVE Systems

PAVE System and Partners Conduct Successful “Innovative Solutions For Workspaces” Event

Held from 5th to 6th December at the School of Computing and Information Systems 1 at the Singapore Management University (SMU), the “Innovative Solutions For Workspaces” event attracted end-users from the Education, Banking, Government and Corporate segments in Singapore.


The genesis of the current event stemmed from the triumphant culmination of the 2022 “Enhancing Educational Experiences” gathering hosted at the National University of Singapore. Building on that success, PAVE System orchestrated a renewed collaboration with its esteemed partners—Audio- Technica, Epson, Extron, HP (Poly), and Samsung—for the “Innovative Solutions for Workspaces” event. Drawing inspiration from the valuable feedback garnered during the 2022 edition, the Workspaces event unfolded on a grander scale, boasting an expanded array of stations and comprehensive system solutions.

The Showcase


Audio-Technica showcased their Engineered Sound Wireless (ESW) System that provides endless possibilities with 96 channels coverage and their voice lift firmware for their ATND1061DAN beamforming ceiling array microphones. As both the ESW and ATND1061DAN utilise the Dante connection, it makes for quicker and easier installation and allows for great flexibility for various meeting and educational spaces.


Epson featured their Epson EB-1485Fi projector that doubles up as a true PC-free digital whiteboard that allows users to draw, save, print, and even email without a computer. Users can deliver impactful sessions with a multi-touch display of up to 100 inches (16:9 standalone), 120 inches (16:6 standalone), or 155 inches using Epson’s DuoLink feature, which combines two interactive displays using built-in Edge Blending. Also showcased were the Epson EB-L570U and EB-L770U versatile projectors that bring strikingly clear images to meeting rooms, classrooms and beyond. This conveniently lightweight, compact projector offers native WUXGA with 4K Enhancement1 and 5,200 / 7,000 lumens of brightness, respectively, providing smooth, detailed images—even up close. Also displayed was the Epson EB-810E, which is Epson’s first 4KE super-ultra-short-throw laser display designed for businesses, hybrid working and immersive spaces. This can be placed just centimetres away from a wall to create bright 4KE images up to 160”. It projects content in stunning clarity and offers a low-cost, energy-efficient large display solution with a convenient and quick set-up. EB-810E’s super-ultra-short-throw lens allows discreet positioning close to the wall, enabling presenters’ free access without casting shadows.


Epson projectors on showcase

“As markets demand changes and evolve, we wanted to showcase and highlight how technologies pivoted roles could elevate values in the various spaces. This event provided clients with insights and knowledge to understand better the right solutions for their needs,” said Alex Chua, Epson Singapore Pte Ltd – VI Sales Division.


Extron showcased their ShareLink Pro 1100 wireless video receiver that enables active learning. Extron’s Active Learning LinkLicense enables content sharing across various receivers in a room. Enabling a broad method of collaboration, whether in a brainstorming meeting or even in a modern classroom. Also demonstrated at the event was the Quantum Ultra II, a videowall processor from Extron. At the event, The Quantum Ultra II was used to operate a 1×6 Portrait Videowall Layout, which displayed several workspace applications, such as E-Sports, Signage, Discussion, Crowd Management, and Traffic Management.

Visitors to the event were shown how one can switch between the sources and presets using a single Extron Touchpanel, TLP Pro 1230WTG, which includes a Video Preview. 8K/60 sources can be supported as a quad-path signal, and resolutions up to 4K/60 at 4:4:4 with complete HDCP 2.3 compliance are supported by the 18 Gbps HDMI ports on the 4K input and output cards.


The Extron Quantum Ultra II was used to operate a 1×6 Portrait Videowall Layout.

In addition, visitors got to experience The Microsoft Teams Room (MTR) that combined Extron and Poly solutions. MTR Meeting Room Systems have positioned themselves at the forefront of the Unified Communications (UC) landscape, capitalizing on the recent surge in popularity driven by the proliferation of video conferencing solutions over the past five years. The integration of Extron and Poly technologies with MTR empowers users to seamlessly participate in virtual meetings by leveraging their existing video conferencing systems or simply connecting their laptops through a user-friendly USB interface compatible with any codec. This versatile approach not only facilitates effortless engagement with the installed VC system but also provides users with the flexibility to utilise their preferred peripherals on their laptops, offering a tailored and inclusive communication experience.


Further experiential spaces included Extron’s DMP Series digital audio processor and Extron XPA U 2008 FX amplifier and Extron speakers, seamlessly integrated with Audio-Technica ceiling microphones featuring Voicelift capabilities. Visitors got to experience how the integrated solutions with Voicelift deliver voice amplification for all participants in a room, thereby creating a conducive environment for all participants.


Poly highlighting to visitors about their solutions.

Extron and Poly also demonstrated their partnership for UC rooms of all shapes and sizes. Users were shown how Zoom Room and Microsoft Teams Room spaces are able to utilize additional room control options via Extron’s involvement in rooms equipped with Poly X52 and X70 systems. The hand-in-hand partnership with Extron and Poly ensures that consistent user experience and needs are met across the enterprise, despite the possible difference in the various room sizes that one encounters in all enterprises.


“As we all know, COVID has changed the way people utilise their workspaces. In addition to the changes, there is also more focus on having some form of AI included in the system. This event showcased the ability of Extron to collaborate with manufacturers to demonstrate integrated systems that fulfil the needs of the industry with regards to their workspace requirements,” said Daniel Poh, Asia Sales Director, Extron Electronics Asia Pte Ltd.


At the Poly Booth, a headset kiosk showcased a selection of their certified wired and wireless headsets compatible with Teams or Zoom. Additionally, their sync speakerphones, designed for audio conferencing, that can be seamlessly paired via Bluetooth with mobile devices or laptops, were also demonstrated. To emulate various meeting room sizes, Poly highlighted introduced three Studio X models – X30, X52, and X70 video bars. These all-in-one devices integrate a camera, speaker, and microphone and offer versatility by supporting multiple platforms such as Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, and Cisco Webex.


Samsung provided all the monitors used in the event. It featured the Samsung flip with sizes ranging from 55” to 75” used in collaboration with Poly UCs.


The PAVE System team with all their partners

“As we reflect on the successful collaboration with our partners at the event, it became evident that teamwork and shared vision played a pivotal role as we showcased the capabilities of the audio-visual products. The journey of bringing together these technologies has been both exciting and rewarding,” Wang Heng Thean, Sales Director, PAVE System Pte Ltd.


Heng Thean concludes, “I would like to thank Singapore Management University for offering this wonderful venue for the event. Special thank goes to SMU’s “Learning Space Technology Services” & “Integrated Information Technology Services”, for the assistance in securing internet infrastructure for the event.”

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