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models are pole-mounted to concreteblocks above the ceiling, but flush-mounted to the rear wall ensuring a line of sight of the stage for the congregation. ‘There is a 3dB loss from the front to the extreme rear seats, but I ruled out side- and rear-fills as it would have over complicated the audio pattern and would have been costly,’ adds Soo. ‘Adding the pole mounts to the speakers had already pushed PAVE to the limits.
Luckily, they have contortionists who could climb into the tight ceiling and prepare the fixing points.’
  The four Vegas 12 cabinets
and dual DVS 118 subwoofers
are powered by single Powersoft
Quattrocanali 2404 DSP+ fourchannel and Duecanali 1604
DSP+D two-channel amplifiers. All
relevant Duecanali and Quattrocanali amplifier parameters are accessed on a PC running Armonía Pro Audio Suite software. In addition, Dante cards have been inserted into both Powersoft amplifiers to create an audio network system for management and control from
a PC via the Cat-6a infrastructure.
Loudspeaker management settings
are programmed within a Xilica
XP-4080 processor.
  FOH operations have been digitally upgraded to provide ease-of-use for the audio, video and lighting operators. Central to the audio control is a 48-channel Allen & Heath SQ-7 console that is Danteenabled courtesy of an M-SQ
Dante-A card. Incorporating a XCVI
96kHz FPGA engine, the 33-fader
console comes with 32 on-board
preamps and connects to the two
DX168 96kHz remote stageboxes.


Low frequencies are maintained by
pair of L–R Outline DVS118 subs

The previous monitoring system was
not earmarked as part of the audio
upgrade. However, the musicians
and singers now benefit from six
myMix personal monitor systems,
which are connected over the Cat-6a
network to an IEX16 16-channel
input expander for line-level signals.
The addition of a Ferrofish Verto32
integrates these MADI devices into
the Dante network.
In terms of inputs, up to 10
channels of Shure QLXD4 digital
wireless receivers can be connected
to Beta 58 handheld wireless
microphone transmitters. Specified
on account of being able to quickly
locate open frequencies and deploy
them to transmitters via a one-touch
sync function, the QLXD4 operates
within the reduced 530–602MHz
bandwidth. The IT infrastructure that
has been added by PAVE has also

enabled the use of Shure Wireless

The 48-channel Allen & Heath SQ-7

Workbench software for remote
control of receiver settings from a
PC, including networked channel
scanning across multiple receivers.
The shielded drum kit is equipped
with a selection of models including
a Sennheiser e902 on kick, EV
PL35s on tom toms, Audio-Technica
AE2300s on snare and AE3000s on
overheads and hi-hat.
With the addition of a Datavideo
SE-2850 multi-definition switcher
at FOH, QBC can now connect up
to 12 channels of HD or SD inputs.
In addition to its connection to the
SQ-7, the SE-2850 comes with
audio de-embedding, delay and four
XLR inputs. Capable of producing
4:2:2 10-bit image resolution with
I/O configurations, the SE-2850
features dual picture-in-picture
(PIP), downstream keyer (DSK), logo
insertion and an integrated title
overlay system. ‘With most modern day houses of worship,

there is a continual demand to add dedicatedvideo outputs,’ expresses Soo.

In addition to the previously existing
confidence monitor projector, there
is digital signage throughout all the
various levels. Having extra outputs is
vital for future-proofing.’
Video inputs include a Blu-ray player
and a new Panasonic HE-40 PTZ
camera managed by an AW-RP50
controller. The addition of Datavideo
HDMI/VGA to HD-SDI and VGA to HDSDI converters provides consistency of image from the inputs to the two WUXGA 7,000-lumen Epson EB-G 7905Us that project onto
the rear stage wall. A Blackmagic
HD-SDI video distribution amplifier
mini converter completes the video
upgrade. Fully digitalised, the AV volunteers at QBC are getting up to speed with the new setup. ‘They’re getting used to the layout of the control surface, but like the preamps on the SQ-7,’ confirms Koay. ‘The new AV system has a lot more flexibility built into it and, with
further training, the AV volunteers will be able to blend the added benefits into their productions. What is the most satisfying is that it has received very good comments from the church. It has elevated the worship experience to a brand-new level.’
  Gazing at the finished result, Soo
adds: ‘It looks simple – but it really
was not. Ultimately, the finished
design was a best fit in a challenging
space and PAVE got it spot on.’


The musicians benefit from six
MyMix personal monitor systems

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