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3X2 STEREO LINE MIXER WITH REMOTE LEVEL. The AtlasIED TSD-MIX32RL is a 3x2 stereo line mixer with Remote level control. It is ideal for applications where multiple stereo line sources need to be combined into a preamp utilizing the local or remote Master level control. The unit can be easily interfaced with AtlasIED amplifiers. Applications include restaurants, conference rooms, and schools.

AtlasIED Stereo Line Mixer (TSD-MIX32RL) (No Stock)

$650.00 Regular Price
$410.00Sale Price
Expected delivery 12-16 weeks upon order confirmation

3x2 stereo line mixer, on board EQ can be done utilizing the Base control (100Hz ±6db) and Treble control (10kHz ±6dB). The TSD-MIX32RL uses high quality, low noise components to ensure clarity and quiet operation without unwanted coloration 

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