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Microsoft Surface Hub 2S

Now in 85"

Enable teamwork anywhere with the Surface Hub 2S family of devices,

a Microsoft Teams-certified meetings platform and interactive whiteboard for business that brings teams together.

Move beyond meetings to collaborate better together

Bridge the distance between remote team members with a powerful meetings and collaboration platform. Bring hybrid teams together with a Windows 10 interactive whiteboard for business designed for teams.


Making human connections

for your hybrids team

Remote colleagues are in the room in life-sized video. Everyone can participate with a Microsoft Teams-certified mic array and 4Kcamera.

Run your essentials app to collaborate in real time

Natively run your must-have Microsoft and third-party apps1,2 without having to project.


Draw your team's focus to new insight

With fast and fluid visuals, you can share live reports and dashboards directly from PowerBI.1

Take teams brainstorm to next level

Ink together with Microsoft Whiteboard, a digital teamworking app you can share across platforms.


Start teaming with Surface Hub 2S


Modular and updateable

Easily unlock the best experiences from Microsoft as new software, hardware and services are available.


Far-field microphones

The Microsoft Teams-certified mic array captures participants’ voices while reducing background noise


4K camera

See every detail in crystal clarity with 4K resolution and wide-angle lens.


20-points multi-touch

Invites simultaneous inking with 20 simultaneous touch points.

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