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myMix Control

myMixCONTROL is a web-based remote tool for

engineers working with larger myMix systems. 

The myMix personal monitor mixing system has convinced thousands of musicians and sound engineers that they do not need to make compromises anymore with their sound. From small to large stages in concert venues or HoW, in studios, rehearsal rooms, music schools and theaters, myMix helps anywhere music is made.


myMix Control 1.68 XL and Project Editor

myMix CONTROL is a tool for engineers working with larger myMix systems, or system integrators to set-up dedicated myMix systems that require special settings and function locking.

myMix CONTROL software is a web browser interface located on the myMix PLUG computer. It can be accessed from any device that runs a web browser through a WIFI or LAN connection.

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Connection of the host computer via LAN or WIFI

For mix outputs from myMix System (to feed wireless IEM transmitters) or internal submixes.

 Access to the User Interface from any device with a web browser (computer, tablet, smart phone).

 Saves change over time by saving and loading entire projects with all device data.

Helps musicians by remotely editing or copying mixes.

Built-in memory for hundreds of projects.

Connect with us and our team of specialists will provide you with the best myMix in-ear monitoring system solutions! 
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