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Neat devices address all types of meeting spaces, including the
home and remote office, open spaces and physical meeting
rooms. They are built for Zoom and Microsoft Teams with a focus
on well-being and social interaction to maximize the creativity and
productivity of distributed teams.



Go Up a Notch

Neat Bar Pro drives up to three large monitors to give you the ultimate immersive experience by allowing you to see both people and content
more easily. It incorporates two extreme resolution cameras and an advanced image depth sensor that combined delivers 16x zoom. Neat Bar Pro is perfect for all rooms small
and large alike.


Creativity across the Board

Neat Board, winner of two Red Dot
design awards, is the complete
package in a simple and elegant allin-
one device. With its 65” multitouch
screen, powerful audio
system and versatile wide-angle
camera, Neat Board gives you a
collaboration experience that goes
beyond video meetings and wireless
content sharing by enabling
annotations and whiteboarding. In
addition to team collaboration, Neat
Board is the perfect solution for adhoc
social interactions in wide open
social spaces.

Neat Bar
Neat Bar Pro


Packs a punch

Neat Bar is a simple, compact and elegant, meeting room device that easily mimics real-life interactions and delivers superior-quality audio
and video. It works brilliantly for meeting, huddle or focus spaces for up to ten people. Neat Bar works with one or two monitors and comes with Neat Pad, our dynamic touch
screen, which can be configured as
a controller or scheduler.

Neat Board
Neat Frame
Neat Pad


A beautiful way to meet.

Neat Frame is an all-in-one device ideal for the home office or huddle spaces that provides a beautiful way to meet. A unique portrait touch
screen and superb camera provides a more focused, naturally engaging and inclusive meeting experience, while freeing up your laptop. ensures you always feel connected.


One touch. Two roles.

Neat Pad is an elegant controller with two roles. It is a touch screen that you can configure as a
controller or scheduling display across all kinds of meeting spaces. Neat Pad is included with Neat Bar and Neat Bar Pro, but can also be
purchased separately.

Connect with us and our team of specialists will provide you with the best neat Business Solutions! 
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