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Outline Scala 90

Medium Throw, Constant Curvature Array

Outline SCALA 90 is a medium-throw, Constant Curvature Array enclosure weighing just 21 kg yet capable of a peak SPL of 139 dB.

Its usefulness is extended by its ability to be arrayed in either vertical or horizontal orientation, for example with just six cabinets providing a full 135-degree coverage in both deployments. A single element produces a nominal dispersion of 90° x 22.5° (H x V).

Scala 90 is designed for venues such as theaters and opera houses, clubs, auditoriums and houses of worship. The enclosure mounts two 8” partially horn-loaded mid-woofers with neodymium magnets and a 3”-diaphragm compression driver (1.4” exit) loaded on a waveguide with a unique proprietary design, ensuring the lowest possible distortion levels and greater reliability.

  • Constant Curvative Array

  • Medium throw system that can deliver exceptional intelligibility, headroom and power

  • World class PA system, designed for theatres and opera houses, clubs, auditoriums and houses of worship

  • Up to 135° of vertical or horizontal coverage with just 6 elements

  • 139 dB SPL (Peak)

  • Designed for bi-amping

  • Just 21 kg, aiding safety and easy deployment


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Arrayed in either vertical or horizontal orientation

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